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Tried and tested power

The lightweight Pure Air Go has a reliable 350W rated motor, giving you the freedom to explore without hassle.

And for riders who want more, the Pure Air, Air Pro and Air Pro LR pack a punch at 500W (700W peak). Giving you responsive acceleration and constant power to climb hills up to a 24% gradient.

Rain won't stop you

Designed in the UK, for UK weather. Unlike others, Pure e-scooters have a class-leading IP65 waterproof rating to avoid water damage. It gets you where you need to go, without stopping to take shelter, and is built to withstand even the heaviest downpours.

Range that takes you further

High-quality batteries give you everything you need for easy, comfortable trips. The swift Pure Air Go gives you a one-charge range of up to 20km (12.4 miles)*, while the top-of-the-range Pure Air Pro LR lets you explore further with up to 60km (31.1 miles)*.

*Dependent on rider weight, hills climbed, road conditions and weather.

Bigger tyres, better control

High-quality 10' tyres ensure a safer, more comfortable ride than the 8.5' tyres you see on many other e-scooters. Fitted with puncture prevention fluid to keep you moving for longer, while giving you enhanced control over bumpy surfaces.

Highly-reliable dual braking system

Every Pure Electric e-scooter has a dual braking system, for safe, reliable stopping power. With a premium mechanical front drum brake and regenerative electronic rear brake. Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes are fully-sealed from debris. This makes them much less prone to clogging and fiddly maintenance.

Powerful illumination

Integrated front and rear lights deliver powerful illumination to keep you visible at all times, for reliable road safety.

LED display puts you in control

All our e-scooters have an integrated, centrally-mounted LED display that clearly shows your current speed, riding mode and battery life.

Easy to store and carry

Pack-down your scooter, quickly and easily. Once folded, Pure e-scooters are compact enough to carry and fit under desks.

Arrive clean and dry

Mudguards protect your clothes from water and grit, while keeping your e-scooter clean too.

Reliable motor power

All Pure e-scooters are built around high-quality, UK/EU compliant motors. They're designed to get you there without a hitch, wherever the destination.

High-quality 10' tyres

Safer, more comfortable riding. Fitted with puncture prevention fluid to keep you moving for longer, while giving you enhanced control over bumpy surfaces.

Advanced dual braking system

Safe, reliable stopping power, with a premium mechanical front drum brake and regenerative electronic rear brake.

High-capacity UK compliant batteries

High-quality battery cells pack all the power you need to enjoy swift trips and explore with confidence. Delivering up to 60km (31.1 miles)* of range from the best-in-class Pure Air Pro LR.

*Dependent on rider weight, hills climbed, road conditions and weather.

Why Pure?

Highly-rated on TrustPilot

With a high rating and over 9000 5* reviews, we’re known for top-quality e-scooters and expert service – whenever our riders need it.

Here to support our riders

We’re at your service. Whether you want advice on our latest models or fast, friendly support, our Customer Care team is here to help.

Engineered from the  ground up

Engineered from the ground up

Every detail considered. Pure’s multi-award winning e-scooters are built to excite and innovate. Each element is thoughtfully designed by our dedicated Research & Development team.

Ride now, pay later.

Klarna makes it easy to pay for your e-scooter in installments that suit you. So you can start riding right away.

Pure Air Go
Pure Air
Pure Air Pro
Pure Air Pro LR
Motor Power
Motor Power
500W (700W Peak)
500W (700W Peak)
500W (700W Peak)
Max Range
Max Range
IP65 Waterproof
IP65 Waterproof
USB Charge Port
USB Charge Port

*Don't forget - there are many factors that can impact the maximum range on an e-scooter. These include the selected riding mode, tyre pressure, the temperature, your chosen route and even how heavy you are. For example, if you're tackling hills in cold weather and on poor surfaces, you'll likely see a lower range than if you were riding on flat ground, on a warm day.

Your FAQs

  • Privately-owned e-scooters are currently only legal to ride on private land with the landowner’s permission. However, the UK Government recently announced plans to legalise private e-scooter use in public places, in the near future. Find all the latest developments on the journey to full legalisation here.

  • Yes – our e-scooters are durably built for reliable riding and low maintenance. And if you need any support along the way, our online experts are always happy to help.

  • Just like with electric cars, e-scooter range depends on a few factors – including weather, terrain, inclines and rider weight. For this reason, we recommend considering the conditions you are likely to ride in when choosing your e-scooter.